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NLPNL (Federation of Certified Francophone Associations in Neuro-Linguistic Programming)

WHO (World Hypnosis Organization)

FFHTB (Fédération Française Hypnose et Thérapies Brèves)

Hypnotherapist in Nice

Brief Integrative Therapy is a pragmatic approach that investigates the way how a given situation works rather than looking for it’s causes. The therapist uses various tools and techniques (from NLP, Hypnosis, Systemic Therapy, DNR etc.) to take care of a client's present state in the most appropriate and efficient way.

The work is being done on all levels - behaviors, thoughts, emotions and physical senses. By acting upon all of these elements, it is possible to create and induce a desired deep and lasting change.

My approach is tailor-made, empathic and dynamic. I am passionate about life and a great fan of well-being. I use my skills and my experience to bring you the necessary support so that you can reconnect with your resources, achieve your goals and live your life to the fullest.

What makes my accompaniments unique :

  • Solid training: Certified Master Practitioner in Neuro-Linguistic Programming and Ericksonian Hypnosis, Practitioner in Deep Neural Repatterning, Professional Coach
  • Strong international culture, I have lived and worked in 5 countries, I speak 5 languages, 4 of which are fluent
  • Nearly 20 years of professional experience in HR, business development, project management
  • Talent for having a global and at the same time refined perception of a person on different levels, that allows me to have a tailor-made approach working with their issues
  • Personal coherence on all levels, I am lucky to do a job that I love, that satisfies my values and corresponds to my beliefs in relation to the outside world
  • Satisfaction and results obtained by my clients

Trying to get out of it ?

Each issue is a sort of gap between where we are and where we want to be. There is a belief that when dealing with psychological and psycho-emotional issues that the path of change must be long, slow, though, “no pain - no gain”, etc... All of that belongs to the approaches of the past. It doesn't matter how long the problem has been around, the brain learns and unlearns extremely quickly. When your brain discovers a beneficial shortcut to change its path, it takes it right away and embraces that change. In therapy, it often takes only one session to resolve a problem that has bothered you for years.

Time flies, free up more space for a quality life :)

French of Ukrainian origin, multicultural and passionate about psychology and other approaches targeting well-being, I have been fortunate to have a rich and atypical international professional background.

Originally graduated in Production Management, at the age of 25 I switched to human resources, exchanging a good secure position for a passion. That was the period when I first started my training in Neuro-Linguistic Programming, followed by numerous training programs in HR management. I had the chance to evolve in international business, to learn to master intercultural communications and to lead a large number of various projects. For fifteen years, I held positions of Recruitment Consultant, HR Manager and Director, BDM, Administrative Director and Managing Director in the sectors of freight transport, insurance, aeronautics, residential real estate.

Turning myself into brief therapy and coaching was a step, potentiating all my experiences and knowledge. At this stage, being rich with achievements of different kinds, allowed me to support my clients at best in various problematics, related to their professional world or personal field.

Neuro-Linguistic Programming and Ericksonian Hypnosis are the most powerful therapeutic approaches leading to rapid and lasting change. Being a certified Master Practitioner in Neuro-Linguistic Programming (by IFPNL - French Institute for Neuro-Linguistic Programming), certified Master Practitioner in Ericksonian Hypnosis (by Psynapse School of Psychotherapy), Practitioner in DNR-Deep Neural Repatterning (by Psynapse) I continue to study and deepen my knowledge and skills, aiming to provide my clients with the most advanced and efficient support.

Also passionate about physical practices, I have with 700 hours of Yoga Teacher training followed in several countries, including the United States and India. This activity is kept in a personal practice mode, at the same time, all the associated experience enables me to have a finer perception of the human being and a deeper understanding of connections that govern the interactions between body, mind and spirit. Daily meditation makes part of my practices for years.


Some examples of the issues, the list is non-exhaustive :


Burn out

Anxiety, Panic attacks

Chronic pain, migraines, asthma

Life changes accompany

Guilt, shame

Grief and separation




Physical tensions

Mental preparation for exams

Loss of self-confidence

Sleep disorders

Internal conflicts

Improved performance

(sports, artistic etc.)


(tobacco, alcohol, games etc)

Limiting behaviors

(anger, sadness, mistrust, lack of emotional, emotional dependence, procrastination etc.)


Will accompany you for :

Develop leadership skills

Develop your charisma

Regain motivation at work

Succeed in a job takeover

Learn to manage conflicts

Learn to delegate

Become comfortable in public speaking

Gain on self-confidence and develop interpersonal skills

Learn to manage stress and overwork

Getting through a lost situation

Support on your retirement

Professional reorientation


The principles :

Neuro-Linguistic Programming is a coordinated set of knowledge and practices in the field of psychology based on a pragmatic approach to modeling in terms of communication, learning and change.

The term NLP integrates the three fundamental components involved in human experience: neurology, language and our programming. The neurological system regulates the functioning of our body, the language determines how we interact with others, and our programs determine the patterns of the world we create. NLP - describes "how the interactions between thought (Neuro) and language (Linguistics) organize the functioning of our body and our behaviors (Programming) and the results we obtain."

NLP addresses various aspects of human functioning and development: our actions, learning and strategies, our system of values ​​and beliefs, our identity and our system of belonging. It develops a large number of original change strategies, offering the therapist a variety of approaches and tools adapted to each client.

NLP's attitude is to think :

« Success » rather than « Failure »
« How » rather than « Why »
« Objectif » rather than « Problem »
« Useful » rather than « True or False »
« Possibility » rather than « Limit »


Hypnotic state is a natural process, it is a state of hyper-concentration or distraction, called "common trance". It is a process that facilitates changes. The unconscious is particularly rich in resources that come from all the conscious and unconscious experiences of the past. In a trance phase, all the resources, already present in the unconscious of an individual, are reinforced and amplified, in order to facilitate a change in a perception of the subject's reality. It is a state of increased consciousness, in which solutions appear in an obvious way. It is also a state of learning, in which usual limits of thinking and blocking factors are provisionally inhibited. Beliefs, so-called limiting behaviors and past references can be bypassed so that new, more useful learning can be set up instead. We do not change through hypnosis (by being hypnotized or put in a state of a trance), we change because hypnotic state gives the possibility to make changes. This difference is subtle but must not be ignored.

NLP and Hypnosis

What is the difference ?

At some level, everything is hypnosis. People not only are in a trance (which happens naturally each 1,5h in average) but they move from one trance to another, during their daily life, at work, while driving and so on.
There is a great variety of relationship trances of different intensity and depth.
By mobilizing the resources of the unconscious, a trance activates the mechanisms of learning. I use an integrative method that adapts to the issue, for which I am contacted. This way I’m providing a tailor-made approach that optimizes the success of personal changes desired.

DNR (Deep Neural Repatterning)

DNR is a multidimensional therapeutic form, resulting from American therapeutic movements. This technique goes further than IMO, EMDR and some primary techniques of emotional cleansing. DNR acts profoundly, accessing at the neurological functioning of a person.

DNR is aimed at several limiting states, including phobias, conscious or unconscious fears, anxiety, anger, insomnia, psychosomatic disorders etc. A therapist can clean the chains of successive traumas, stop accumulation of traumas wich are somethimes rooting far in the past.

A therapist acts on corporality and emotional feeling to reach the neurological system. He can simultaneously use sub-modalities, bilateral ocular, auditory or bodily stimulation. Rid of the superfluous, condensed and developed with an efficient tools, the DNR is an active concentrate of useful techniques.